codecie cybersecurity

We deliver robust cybersecurity solutions that are scalable, flexible and adapted to your business. Delivering a tailored boutique approach focused on performance and simplicity to our customers - big or small.

Security assessment

We assess vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, device or configuration, using a wide range of penetration testing, social engineering techniques and physical security assessments. 

Incident response

We use an organized approach to address and manage the aftermath of a security breach. We handle the threat to limit it's damage and reduces recovery time and costs.

Secure engineering

Whether your organization wants to build a secure platform, protect a product or deploy an effective IoT capability, Codecie can advise on secure architecture design and deployment.

Digital forensics

Should an incident occur, the  digital forensics team will work with you to understand what vulnerabilities were exploited, quickly secure the chain of evidence, and provide data recovery and media analysis services.


We will help build a complete cybersecurity strategy for your organization. We’ll work with you to identify and mitigate the risks, so we can help create a cyber plan that is effective and appropriate for your organization.

Threat intelligence

We offer an extended assessment and ongoing automated monitoring solutions that identify real-life threats to your organization, and determine which ones present the greatest risk.

Key facts

- Our accounts are by invite only. We aim on quality not quantity.
- We focus on our work and clients, not on our brand image. 
- We're available 24/7 x 365. 
- Yes, we're always hiring new talent. Sales & Engineering positions. 
- All our services are 100% tailored to your needs - both technical and financial.

Trusted by many clients and partners. 

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